Identity Management Training Academy


UNIFY and OCG bring the FIM Expert and FIM Advanced Consultant Courses to the APAC region

UNIFY has teamed with OCG, the world’s largest provider of training on Microsoft-based identity and security technologies, to bring the FIM Advanced Consultant and FIM Expert Courses to the region. The Advanced Consultant course follows on from the Foundation course, and uses presentation, discussion, demonstration, and hands-on exercises to cover the more advanced aspects of FIM 2010.  OCG’s FIM 2010 Expert Course follows on from the Advanced Consultant course and has been designed to provide developers working on large and more complicated FIM 2010 implementations with the skills to optimize their solution. This four day classroom-based course has been specifically designed to give developers, systems engineers and architects working on large and complicated FIM 2010 implementations the skills they need to design optimal solutions to complex requirements